Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello, 2015!

Hello lovely readers!

Please accept our heartfelt wishes for the year 2015! We hope everyone of you has a wonderful, healthy and happy year!

As many of you may know, Hope's theme is fairy tales. It's such a fun project turning one of our vacation homes into something whimsical and special. It's a never-ending project of a small touch here, a small touch there and occasionally a larger project thrown in (like painting the exterior of Hope...). We have so much fun thinking of new ways to put love into our business. Our concept is different from all the other lodging places in the area. Most hotel chains in Lawton do not have a theme. They're chains after all. And the lodging in Medicine Park tends to be rustic (perfect for Medicine Park), but that's just not us.

Personally, I'm all about whimsy and spunk. And, I love bright colors! I also like thinking outside of the box, so there's a lot of upcycling at the Stone Turtle - Lodging. Sometimes I find furniture pieces that don't quite fit yet, so they get a temporary spot. Some furniture gets swapped between homes. Some stuff just fits right off the bat. Some pieces of furniture get a makeover. Most furniture and deco pieces get moved around many times before they find a permanent home. 

Here's a little upcycle project you could find in Hope's Beauty and the Beast room if you booked a weekend stay at the Stone Turtle Lodging, or if you're in town for a Fort Sill Graduation!

Greetings from the Stone Turtle!


This blog is brought to you by the lovely (biased opinion, we know) Stone Turtle – Lodging, a small family owned and operated hotel / lodging business near Lawton, Oklahoma, Fort Sill,  the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Meers and Medicine Park. Yeah, that’s right we’re a small lodging business close to all the awesomeness Oklahoma has to offer!!

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