Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Come September!

No, not the Rock Hudson movie (although I am keeping my eyes open for it). Yes, it feels like September is finally here. Medicine Park welcomed the month with the Mayor's Blues Ball. Always lovely listening to blues music in the Park! The temperature has cooled off a bit and took some of that humidity with it. Perfect time to go hiking in the Wichita Mountains!

Works of William Faulkner and Mary Shelley have officially joined the library in one of our vacation homes! Nothing says fall is in the air like some outdoor reading and coffee drinking, right? Right!

We promised some restaurant recommendations so here they are:

Basically right down the road, we recommend:


It's an absolute must, because if you don't you'll be sure to run into someone who did and have to explain why you didn't have yourself a Meers burger. It's old-timey and credit cards are still a no-no. Our recommendations: a Meers cheeseburger, fried green tomatoes, and a peach cobbler with ice cream. FYI, one cobbler will serve four people. You'll be sorry when you didn't believe us about the cobbler.

Ann's Country Kitchen
This literally is right down the road. The service is always friendly. Not once have we been there and the service was not friendly. Plus, it's one of the only places open for breakfast in the area and not closed on Sundays.  Win-win. We recommend you try some of Ann's pies.

Near by we recommend:

Tiny Mae's

Located in Elgin, it's just a short drive away. The food's great, the servers are friendly, and they have a beer on tap. Open for lunch and dinner.

The Blue Cow
It's a little further to drive than Elgin, but it's worth it. Want a real small-town dining experience? Then wander on over to Sterling and eat at the Blue Cow. The burgers are amazing!! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. To the ladies at the Blue Cow, thanks for giving me a menu!

I didn't see the special because I wouldn't have been able to resist ordering the Oklahoma Outlaw burger which had a description that made even my stomach churn. So I double-dog dare you to order it if it's still available (and report back to me, of course).

Daylight Donuts &Thai Food Express
Don't let the name scare you away. They have the most amazing Thai cuisine ever. Especially in Lawton.The quality of the fresh produce is wonderful and the quantity is right. Watch out for the spicy level (0-4) and you'll be alright. Don't eat meat? They have a tofu option for every dish they make! Did I mention that the service is great? Because it is!

Those are the top contenders. We've been exploring some of the new restaurants in the small towns, so we hope to be able to share more.

In other news,

Medicine Park is getting ready for it's annual Flute Festival and Art Walk! September 20-21, 2014. We're excited. What's better than strolling through the historic cobblestones of Medicine Park listening to enchanting Native American music and looking at art? Not too much besides that outdoor coffee-sipping reading mentioned earlier. Need a place to stay for your Flute Festival trip? Mozy on over to our Facebook page and check us out.

Lawton's annual International Festival is also right around the corner (Sept. 26-28).

I don't know about you, but I'm kinda hungry now. Have an amazing and cheerful week!


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