Thursday, August 7, 2014

Finding Cinderella's slipper

I cannot for the life of me recall just how we ended up on the decorating theme for Hope. Either I subconsciously love fairy tales or the universe does. Fairy tales (Oklahoma style) have been chosen for the theme of Hope mainly after we found that gorgeous gown and mounted it on the wall. One of our guests staying with us for a military graduation from Fort Sill inspired an awesome idea (thank you, by the way). The children were absolutely fascinated with the "Cinderella Room" of Hope. The fairy tale theme was then a done deal. I love it when the universe give clear signs. Now what's the story of Cinderella without the lost high heel? It turns out I have a hidden talent for shopping (or just spending money).

Greetings from the Stone Turtle,

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  1. Oh yes, you are talented. Everything came out so beautiful. Telling stories in decorating a room - making room for it - priceless!