Thursday, July 31, 2014

Project Decorating Hope Continues

Happy Thursday!

We are loving July! It's been a super fun month filled with lovely guests at the Stone Turtle - Lodging. We're even getting a little break from the summer heat with a rainy week. There's nothing like a mandatory break from outside work to get the creative gears grinding.

Our rental cabin Hope has been in the cross-hairs of our decorating frenzy lately. As Ingrid and I were browsing through a shabby chic shop (yes, Lawton actually has one), we came to the conclusion that clothes can be used for decoration. More specifically fancy, schmancy dresses can be great accent pieces. So we rushed to a thrift shop to try our luck. As luck would have it, we found this amazing Cinderella type dress. We also picked up a Happily Ever After sign. Boy, do we love fate.

What makes you feel like you're in a fairy tale?


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